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This is what well-meaning people say when they're at a loss to know how to help. We've all said it and we've all heard it. But when you’ve lost someone important in your life, it’s hard to think beyond needing that person to stop being dead and to come back to you.

Grief is a mean and complicated beast. Others may hurt for you as you go through your loss, but even if they wanted to walk beside you and share in your grief, they may not know how.

That’s one reason I created an online writing program that guides you (and someone who loves you) through a series of audio meditations and writing prompts that help you illuminate little truths about your loss. Writing is a gentle way to move through such difficult terrain, and those little truths bring healing. Especially shared little truths.

If you need someone to share your journey of grief, this program provides a way for you to ask for help. Or if you know someone who has suffered a great loss and you want to help them in a way that will truly matter, this program is your guide.

The little truths buried within our losses are the healing gems we need to bring into the light. Sharing the unearthing of those gems is a loving gesture that adds to the healing - both theirs and yours - and changes things for the better.

PS: Death isn't the only loss people need to share. If we can learn how to deeply listen and be there for our loved ones in all their losses, imagine how much better we might be at healing after a death.

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