About Kathy Curtis 

Kathy Curtis is a literary artist whose mission is to help people find deeper connection with themselves and their internal sense of hope. She creates and facilitates self-reflective writing programs, as well as stories written on behalf of others who need help. 


Her greatest inspiration is the richness of the human experience, which she channels into both her writing and healing work. Her ability to listen beyond sound is her gift.


Kathy's belief in the healing power of creative self-expression started in the pages of her teenaged journal. Since receiving a BA in Fine Arts in the 1980s, she has pursued ongoing research in elements of holistic healing that include meditation, nutrition, the mind-body connection, neurology, spirituality, creativity, intuition, psychoneuroimmunology, transformative studies and more.

Beginning in 1991, Kathy created expressive workshops that addressed illnesses, life challenges, grief and the pursuit of self- knowledge. She worked with groups as well as individuals, including 1500 patients in a hospital. She worked through social service agencies, healthcare systems, corporations, churches, spiritual retreat centers, bookstores and art galleries. Her programs are available online through DailyOM, as well as individually by phone and Skype.


Kathy's career in corporate marketing and communications provided a rich foundation for the work she now does on behalf of others who have a story to tell, but don't quite know how to do it. She helps structure the content, craft the language, package the material, and consults on the best way to go to market. 

Her work in the healing arts honed her insights into people and the stories they have to tell, which helps her hear the messages they want to share in greater dimension than they can do on their own.


Kathy's own memoir, "Invisible Ink," gave her firsthand experience in telling one's story and getting it published. From there, she has worked with individuals, nonprofits and companies to bring their stories to life, package them, and deliver them to the world, where they can make a difference. 



The program helped me to recognize feelings and emotions that have been difficult, but are in need of healing. I've experienced comfort and a release of emotional pain. The program was similar to a massage for emotions of grief - after working on them, there is a release and I feel better. 

ROBIN, workshop participant