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Kathy Curtis discovered the power of writing in the 6th grade during a class assignment that awakened her spirit. She discovered the healing power of writing in the 11th grade after a life-changing experience that left her heartbroken. When she instinctively picked up her pen and noticed the emotional relief she felt from writing about it, her destiny was sparked.

Her interests in the human psyche, creative expression, and holistic mind-body techniques eventually merged into this simple truth:

Using a creative outlet to express what's wrong

reveals what we need to make things right

and inspires us to heal ourselves

With this insight guiding her, she began creating programs for hospitals, churches, nonprofit organizations and businesses. People from all walks of life and dealing with every kind of challenge were drawn to the hope her programs offered.

They needed the expressive outlet.

They also needed to understand themselves better.

They got both, and that inspired them

For 30+ years, Kathy Curtis has brought her healing guidance to people around the world through her innovative programs, books, and art. Her desire is to help you find the joy
beneath your pain through the simple act of expressive writing. She knows that to free your spirit is to heal your heart.


suddenly the sun

decides it's had enough clouds

standing in its way

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