Writing Journeys

Anyone can bring healing energy into their own life by writing about it. 


When you need a sense of direction and a trusted companion for the journey.

Writing With Me


Profound changes can happen in four weeks of intentionally-guided writing. We'll spend one hour together each week, co-creating what you need. Whatever it is, this process will help you find it.

In addition to serving as your guide, I will join you in the writing journey.



"I don't know where to begin in expressing my gratitude for our time together. The writing exercises have been so meaningful to me."

Writing On Your Own


When you want to write on your own time, at your own pace, these programs are delivered to your inbox with full guidance and support.
I am available for daily online interaction.

These powerful, affordable writing journeys come with money-back guarantees.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone saddened and weighed down with grief.”

"I had not expected so much joy. Your course is incredibly helpful in so many ways."


This program gives you a personal way to process the loss of a loved one, or anything that made you feel you had lost yourself along the way.

Writing a simple 3-line haiku is the fastest way to an inspired attitude I’ve ever found.

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