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Get one-on-one support to address grief, illness, or other challenges that have visited your life. Kathy determines the best writing technique(s) to support your healing and transformation when other types of therapy haven't worked for you. Engaging with your inner healer through writing is a gentle and profound way to get unstuck and bring high vibrational hope to your life. 

INVISIBLE INK™: When you write letters to a loved one who has died, it makes them feel like they're just a whisper away. The healing power of expressing your love like that is profound.
"Writing to my deceased husband was very emotional for me, but also beautiful and deeply meaningful. It brought me so much comfort and peace."

INVINCIBLE INK™: When your body is sick or in pain, learn what happens when you give it a voice. Medical treatments can't address your entire self, which is where INVINCIBLE INK™ comes in. Sometimes there isn't even a medical treatment available for what you have, making this approach even more important.   
"Invincible Ink provided an awakening for me, helping me cope with a painful disease that felt like it could destroy me. I gained insights that jump-started my journey down the path of acceptance and healing."

HEALING HAIKU™: When you find new ways of seeing your life, your life becomes a more cherished place to be. The writing prompts you get in this program are like no other, which awaken you to your most treasured self.
"This program has been powerful and has introduced a truly healing process for me. I love writing haiku and how it touches deeply into embodied junk."

YOUR WORD MATTERS™: Somewhere in your psyche is a word that holds so much meaning for you, it can lift you out of inertia and be a visual trigger for good. The power of naming that word and watching it become a work of art is indescribable.
"Such a powerful experience. Life-altering, really."

always reaching up

our branches hunger for light

in the dark forest


When you want to write on your own time, at your own pace, these programs are delivered to your inbox with instructions to support your journey.

These powerful, affordable writing journeys come with money-back guarantees.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone saddened and weighed down with grief.”

"I had not expected so much joy. Your course is incredibly helpful in so many ways."


This program gives you a personal way to process the loss of a loved one, or anything that made you feel you had lost yourself along the way.

Writing a simple 3-line haiku is the fastest way to an inspired attitude I’ve ever found.

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