Hear the story behind  Invisible Ink.

Invisible Ink:

Reaching out to Loved Ones in spirit

An expressive writing coach finds herself in a dark tunnel of grief after her mother’s death,

and tries writing letters to her to lift her spirits.


Along the way her mother asks to write back...

and a creative leap of faith leads to a profoundly healing program for grief.

After her mother’s death from an aggressive form of cancer, Kathy Curtis poured her heart out in letters to her mother’s spirit. She told her how much it had hurt to watch her suffer, and how luminously beautiful she had watched her become as the end quickly drew near. She shared things her mom couldn’t have been aware of in her morphine delirium, and other things only her mom would understand. 


Then she got the sense her mother wanted to write back.


Stepping out of her comfort zone to follow this intuitive nudge is what Curtis credits with leading her out of emotional pain and into the peace she has experienced about her mother’s spirit ever since.

Invisible Ink is a book that brings both comfort and hope. It shows you how having an outlet for your grief will help you heal. And it makes you feel less alone on this journey you would never ask to take.

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"You have touched on a profound mystery with this book."



Leave Your Light On


Rarely does someone so joyfully authentic come along and flash a light so bright, you can’t help but feel a rush of hope.


Ryder Buck was such a guy.
He was charming and hilarious, ornery and aggravating, and he delighted in his love of music. Nothing more and nothing less than himself, his self-acceptance fueled his audacious dreams and taught him to have faith and just let go.


Ryder lived a magical life, but he was also tested in ways many of us never will be. He endured the pain of a cancer diagnosis and the hardship of chemo treatment. And when the disease that should have beaten him didn’t, his unimaginable fate showed up on a dark highway.

Then his light began to shine even brighter. It led his mother out of the dark tunnel of her grief. It cradled a family, heartbroken by his silent guitar, to find healing together. It has given people throughout the world the encouragement to be who they really are, to discover their own purpose- to wake up to the magic in their own hearts.

Ryder’s story will inspire you to see your own light – no matter what life or death throws your way.


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Healing Haiku for the Grieving Soul

This little book of haikus will speak to your grief in unusual ways, prompting your own insights into the most mysterious journey we ever take as human beings. Come into it with openness, and it will fill your empty spaces with beauty and awe.


"Instructions for living a life: Pay attention.

Be astonished. Tell about it.”