Leave Your Light On

the musical mantra left behind by an illuminating spirit


"The light I’m about to share with you was earthbound, and now it’s not."
So begins this unforgettable story about a young man named Ryder Buck, whose steadfast commitment to being true to himself changed the world.

It changed his mother, who learned that chemotherapy, alone, was not enough to save his life. He knew that, but she didn't.
It changed his musical fans, who felt the power of his presence coming through his songs and loved how it made them feel.
It changed everyone who knew him (and even those who didn't), because he gave them permission to be themselves, too.

 "As I read the last page, I found myself infused with a kind of spiritual lightness and peace. It was as if Ryder, himself, had come and whispered in my ear,

"Life is beautiful. Live it large and let it sing."
Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Oscar-winning songwriter, FROZEN I & II, COCO

Leave Your Light On will leap into your heart and change you, too.

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Invisible Ink: The Journey Beyond Words

This book is a literal love letter to my mom, whose short battle with cancer left me with too many unspoken words. Writing to her after her death helped me process my grief. Allowing her to write back was the most healing thing I could have done. It built a bridge from my spirit to hers and back, and changed how I think about death. Take that journey with us, so you can build your own bridge.

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"You have touched on a profound mystery with this book."


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Healing Haiku for the Grieving Soul

This little book of haikus will speak to your grief in unusual ways, prompting your own insights into the most mysterious journey we ever take as human beings. Come into it with openness, and it will fill your empty spaces with beauty and awe.

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"Instructions for living a life: Pay attention.

Be astonished. Tell about it.”


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