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Reaching out to Loved Ones in Spirit

by Kathy Curtis


What if staying open to your loved one’s continued presence in your life can actually help guide you through the grief of their loss? 


That’s what Kathy Curtis learned when writing letters to her mother after her death to alleviate her grief. Unusual things that felt like visitations started happening. Then she got the strongest feeling her mom wanted to write back. So she put her skepticism aside and let her speak. 


The healing that happened as a result felt miraculous. It was like the grief inside her had transformed into a light that has never gone out.


Since 2008, Curtis has led countless others through her process and found that it is universally healing. She credits the combination of quieting the inner chatter, following her letter-writing prompts, and learning to trust the things that can’t be seen, for the hope this approach has given so many people.

INVISIBLE INK is a mother-daughter love story as well as a guided writing journey that helps you process your loss. Your spirit will be uplifted by their letters, as you find healing by writing your own.





i gave you my smile

and you gave it back to me

for eternity

HEALING HAIKU For the Grieving Soul

by Kathy Curtis


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This little book of 3-line poems will speak to your grief in unexpected ways, prompting your own insights into the most mysterious journey we ever take as human beings. Come into it with openness, and it will fill your empty spaces with beauty and compassion. Then pick up your pen and try writing your own Haiku from the prompts provided, to discover how strong your heart is even while it feels broken.

This book is a soothing way to explore the healing power of turning your pain into uplifting words of truth. Your soul will thank you.




by Shelley Buck & Ryder Buck with Kathy Curtis

Rarely does someone so joyfully authentic come along and flash a light so bright, you can’t help but feel a rush of hope.


Ryder Buck was such a guy.

He was charming and hilarious, ornery and aggravating, and he delighted in his love of music. Nothing more and nothing less than himself, his self-acceptance fueled his audacious dreams and taught him to have faith and just *let go.

[*His dad directed Disney's FROZEN, so letting go was sort of in his blood.]


Ryder's family life was definitely magical, but he was also tested in ways many of us never will be. He endured a serious cancer diagnosis and grueling rounds of chemo treatment. And when the disease that should have beaten him didn’t, his unimaginable fate showed up on a dark highway.

Then his light began to shine even brighter. It led his mother out of the dark tunnel of her grief. It cradled a family, heartbroken by his silent guitar, to find healing together. It has given people throughout the world the encouragement to be who they really are, to discover their own purpose- to wake up to the magic in their own hearts.

Ryder’s story will inspire you to see your own light – no matter what life or death throws your way.


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