I have found peace in my heart. I was afraid it wasn't attainable before coming to this class. 

LINDA, workshop participant

This is an incredible workshop! My feelings are that "Invisible Ink" helped me more than anything else in the grief process of losing my husband of 25 years to cancer. As much as this loss changed my life, Invisible Ink changed it too: and in a miraculous way!

ANDREA, workshop participant

"Invisible Ink" is a pathway to gently explore, slowly walk, deeply breathe and write your truth toward healing from the ebb and flow of grief. 
EMILY, workshop participant

Kathy Curtis' experience with her mother mirrors the reality I see every day, and will help ease the concerns and anxieties most people feel about dying. Reading "Invisible Ink" will be invaluable to patients before they die, and to their caregivers, as well.
DR. WARREN WHEELER, Medical Director, Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas

Kathy Curtis' "Invisible Ink" is the just tip of the iceberg. She is all this wonderful book and more. I have never seen anyone work with such loving and care-filled magic to connect the mind with the body in health matters as well as grief-related issues. She uses seemingly elegant simplicity that is profound and far-reaching and ultimately amazingly accurate and helpful. 

BARBARA, workshop participant

My wife and I took this workshop and it did help. It offers encouragement to embrace your loss so you can deal with it straight. Writing does this for me. Feelings and thoughts that are whirling around in my head and heart are put on paper once and for all so I can actually make sense of this loss. It does bring me closer to my brother who died Feb. 4, 2013.

KEVIN, workshop participant

After I read "Invisible Ink," I asked my mom to read it. And we've discussed the potential for our future communication! There is a comfort in that. But even better is that we got to share a meaningful conversation about life and death; all thanks to Kathy's insightful book.

AUDREY, reader

Kathy Curtis draws from her own life experiences and creativity to allow you to connect and explore your dreams and visions from within. She provides a safe place and space to write through any obstacles. The writing, guided meditations and support free up the space for your dreams and visions to begin to take shape and manifest.

LOIS, workshop participant

The program helped me to recognize feelings and emotions that have been difficult, but are in need of healing. I've experienced comfort and a release of emotional pain. The program was similar to a massage for emotions of grief - after working on them, there is a release and I feel better. 

ROBIN, workshop participant

I love Invisible Ink... I went to this group after Andrew's passing. Excellent!!

MARILYN SUE, workshop participant

This class was very eye opening and I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone going through grief.

EMILY, workshop participant

This program has shown me that you don’t know what you might find helpful in your grief journey. I’m now willing to experience a variety of ways to work through this.

PATRICE, workshop participant

Kathy was a fantastic facilitator for this program. She is compassionate, calming, affirming, understanding and caring. I haven’t been to many grief programs, but this was helpful in so many ways. It was a different approach that I have not experienced before, and should be expanded on.

KARLA, workshop participant

This was a wonderful workshop and a very healing experience. I highly recommend it. Please know how powerful this approach to grief was - I feel writing brought us closer to our love ones that have passed. 

MARY, workshop participant

Invisible Ink aids in helping the bereaved open up, where otherwise they would not. This program is very beneficial in the grieving process.

MICHELLE, workshop participant

I think what moves me most about this collection of memories and letters is the sweetness that winds its way through both of your voices —  you reaching out into the void with openness and trust and then your mother sweetly reaching back with compassion and humor. You have touched on a profound mystery in this book.

JEANNE, reader

This book will appeal to the DYING.

SUSAN, reader