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If you have lost a person, a pet, a job, a marriage, your health, a dream - whatever your loss - this course helps you feel the comfort and healing you need. And I'll tell you how (and why) it works.

First, losses leave empty holes. But like a person whose arm has been amputated, there is still pain where the arm used to be. It works that way with other losses, too. We feel an emptiness about what we've lost, but there is pain in that emptiness.

This is where the writing you'll do in this course helps. You won't just be writing about the emptiness. You'll be writing TO it. As though it were a living, breathing person. Because in a way, it is. It is a living, breathing part of your psyche. It aches. It needs your attention and understanding.

Second, the very act of writing is healing. It calms you down and clears your mind. Plus, studies show that if you'll write about your struggles as honestly as you can, it will transform your experience.

Many writers say that you don't really know what is going on inside of you until it comes out on paper. And that only then can you make sense of it. This is 100% true for me, and for the many participants in my programs. I believe it will be true for you, too.

One of the most important reasons I design programs that incorporate writing as a tool for transformation is that it is the best way I have found to consciously move through difficult things. If you're a human being living on planet Earth, you have challenges to move through. It's comforting to know there are simple ways to turn pain into something else. Like self-compassion. Or understanding. Or healing.

I incorporate experience and intuition in the paths I create that lead to healing. I weave together guided meditations and writing prompts that take you step-by-step from where you are in your loss to a place of greater peace. All you have to do is follow along, pen in hand, heart open, mind willing, to find your resolution and to understand for yourself what healing means.

I tell workshop participants all the time that we would never design a life that requires us to lose the people and things we love. But we didn't create the world. What we can create is a way forward from our losses that no one else can do as well as we can, for ourselves.

We are all resilient. Please don't let yourself forget that.

© 2017 Kathy Curtis

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