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For You or a Loved One


To honor an unforgettable person

The essence of a life

I’ve been focused on the essence of things all my life. A childhood injury that left me profoundly hearing impaired helped me develop an ability to hear the things that aren’t spoken, to read body language without thinking about it, and to see things that aren't obvious to others. 


Because of these things, I've learned to become a mirror for others to reflect how special they are and why. 


These skills, in conjunction with my love of writing, have opened up many avenues for me to be a voice in the world for others. I've helped them tell their stories in articles, in memoirs, in professional books, and now in something that's more sacred than the rest: obituaries

If someone you love is moving into their final chapter and you want to honor them in a special way, this service is for you. If they’ve lived such an interesting life that a standard obituary would actually feel like a disservice to their memory, this service is for you. If you want your own story told in the most authentic and inspiring way - so that people truly understand what your life was about - this service is for you.


What we do in life matters a lot, but who we are matters, too. That's what I’m interested in helping you convey about your loved one’s life. So that their character, as well as the kind of life they lived, leaves a lasting imprint on the world.


I invite you to start the process when there's still time. A written portrait of your loved one that you'll be proud to put out into the world, as well as safeguard within your own heart, is a beautiful way to celebrate the essence of their life.



$249 (7 - 10 days after first contact)

$349 (2 - 3 days after first contact)



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