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Conversation Peace

Sometimes you need to take a step back from life and have a conversation with someone you trust. Someone who can listen deeply and put you completely at ease with yourself. Whether you’re stressed out, confused, sick, or sick OF, things can build up and cause problems if you don’t hit pause and rekindle your sense of equilibrium. It’s like suddenly noticing how tight your shoulders are, and knowing that if you don’t get a massage soon, you’ll be in serious pain. You need to pay attention to the knots in your psyche, too. That’s where I come in - when you feel you’ve reached a momentary impasse. Which is all it has to be, if you’ll take the time to clear the air. (And yes, I know, you don’t have the time to take the time...) But there’s more. When you talk to me, I also guide you to express what’s going on from a different part of yourself. One that knows more, sees more, and only comes out when you’re in a creative state. Getting you into a creative state is my specialty. I view creativity as a self-healing aspect of your DNA. It releases brain chemicals that make you feel good, and allows you to connect with what it is you really need. And do you know what that is most of the time? A different perspective... a new way of seeing yourself or what’s happening in your life. But new perspectives don’t live in the part of your mind that gets knotted up. They live in your creative mind. And there’s proof. I have worked with nearly two thousand people going through everything from painful losses, to difficult diagnoses and treatments, to simply wanting to feel a deeper connection to themselves. I can tell you that creativity never failed to bring something that was missing to their journeys. Our time together feels like sitting with a friend in a sanctuary of your own making. By the end of it, you'll feel calmer, clearer, and less burdened. And I think you’ll be grateful for what is revealed to you in the process. One conversation may be all you need to un-kink the knots, but like a good massage therapist, I’m always a phone call away. To schedule a time to talk or to find out more, click here. Conversationalists: L: I’ve been through years of therapy, but I’ve gotten far more value from my conversations with Kathy. I always feel so good after talking with her. R: I know Kathy's a healer. I don’t understand how she does what she does, but I always feel better after we’ve talked.

J: I was skeptical about the value of Kathy's process, but my conversations with her calmed my spirit and quieted my mind. By drawing and writing from an unexpected place within me, I gained insights that jump-started my journey down the path of acceptance and healing. D: Kathy's alchemy of creativity, innovation, and healing leads you to your own deep well of wisdom. S: I am in awe of what talking to Kathy has done for me.

Let me show you how to have a healing conversation with yourself.

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