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What are your obstacles?

This utterly charming elephant is Ganesha, one of the best known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion. Why? Because Ganesha is the remover of obstacles.

I just discovered that Ganesha is also known as the patron of letters and learning during writing sessions!

After all these years of being so enchanted with his mirthful face, luscious rolls of flesh, and infinitely expressive hands, he’s the patron of writing sessions, too?

I knew that invoking the spirit of Ganesha could help me remove obstacles to all the rich fantasies I hold for my life. (Still waiting for proof ;) And I know that writing sessions remove obstacles from my head-strong psyche trying to get out of its own way.

But I DID NOT KNOW that he and my pen were joined at the pachydermal hip!

I love the synchronicities of life.

And uh oh, I feel a haiku coming on...

over fleshy folds

gazing at his own navel

ganesha giggles

Forgive me if I'm being sacrilegious, but I can’t help laughing at the randomness of this little revelation.

Thank you, Ganesha! It turns out you (and my pen) constantly save me from myself, and for that, there are no words big enough to wrap themselves around your fun-loving body of wisdom.

Think of all the things that send your mind into a negative spiral in a day. The news. Difficult people. Boring meetings. Crazy drivers.

It's so easy to get pulled into a dark cloud. And no one wants to go there, let alone stay there.

But it's so easy. And it's definitely an obstacle to being open, being in the flow of creative energy, and attracting more positive experiences.

Would you like to remove the obstacle of negative thinking from your life? Try a little haiku. Try many of them.

They're fun. They're engaging. And they release negative energy with amazing speed and precision. (They're especially fun to do during a boring meeting.)

With Ganesha’s help (and mine), your pen can become an obstacle buster and a path to positivity whenever you need it!

Give it a try! If you haven't removed a single negative thought in 30 days, you can get your money back to re-invest in little Ganesha statue. Either way, magic awaits.

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