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Your personal legend

If you've had the delicious pleasure of reading Paulo Coelho’s allegorical novel, “The Alchemist,” you’re familiar with the idea of having a personal legend. If you haven’t read it, I’m going to spoil it for you by revealing that your personal legend has been inside you since you were young.

What does that spark for you? What memories are coming up, as you go back in time to the you that existed before accumulating the demands, disappointments and expectations of adulthood?

Did you have visions of the life you wanted to live? Did you have certain things that you loved, just because they made you happy? Have those things gotten lost along the way?

Don’t worry. They can’t get completely lost. But do you know how to find them, again?

Taking the inner journey

In the novel, Santiago is a young Andalusian shepherd who has a recurring dream of finding a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. He seeks advice from a fortuneteller and a king, gets robbed more than once along the way, falls in love, learns new skills, and finally meets the alchemist who teaches him how to realize his true self. I’ll leave you to discover the alchemist's secret on your own, if you wish to read it for yourself.

But let’s say, unlike Santiago, you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home and life to seek your personal legend. How can you take a journey into yourself to learn what it is?

There are many ways, actually. Here are just a few:

• Meditation

• Quiet walks in nature

• Expressive arts of any kind

• Prayer

The key is finding a way to trigger ahas, get inspired, and quicken your heart with the sense that you are peeling back the barriers to your personal legend and bringing it into the light of day. Even if only in thoughts, words, images and feelings, for awhile.

Especially in feelings. They are your guideposts to the center of you, where your personal legend found solace until you were ready to set it free.

Reconnecting to your heart

If you feel cut off from your personal legend, and from your feelings, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. But is that ok with you? Do you long for a deeper sense of who you really are, and what you really want?

Then spend time seeking those things. Find an outlet for bringing them outside yourself, where you can nurture them into life.

Santiago took an outward journey, guided by a fortuneteller, a king and an alchemist. But you can take an internal journey, if you don’t have his time, resources or adventurous spirit.

Whether you need guidance through a personal loss of any kind, or through the maze that leads to your legendary heart, my programs are there for you when you’re ready. They'll entice the words out of you that become the lighted path to what you seek.

The real you that contains your personal legend will always need your attention. Come with me and I’ll teach you how to be your own alchemist.

"I love the inner healer. It’s the most profound work I ve done. I m starting to see how nurturing ourselves is so important to our well-being by creating a safe base that we can then explore and live our lives from."

"I am in awe. i had not expected so much joy. Your course is incredibly helpful in so many ways. And the haiku in the comment section...breathtaking!"

"The program helped me to recognize feelings and emotions that have been difficult, but are in need of healing. I've experienced comfort and a release of emotional pain. The program was similar to a massage for emotions of grief - after working on them, there is a release and I feel


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