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A faucet of words

We complicated humans go through life collecting beautiful experiences, surviving challenges, and often feeling more than we know what to do with. We are like channels through which life flows, and our legacies are the unique blossoms we produce during our time here. Blossoms that don’t exist without us.

What about when our channel gets clogged and life isn’t flowing? When our thoughts become brittle and our leaves dry out. When we cry out to the world, to God, to anyone who will listen, saying pleeease...!

And then, crickets. So many crickets you think you’ll go crazy.

What if you could find those unspoken words in yourself that you most need to hear from the world? Would it help?

You can only answer that if you try it.

But how do you pick letters out of the bile in your liver? Weave words from the rhythms of your heart? Untangle the thoughts that get stuck in your brain?

You already know how.

You pick up your pen and you let them out, each one showing up on the page like a friend, a foe, a memory, a never-before seen vision of alchemy from your soul.

Would that solve all your problems?


Would it make you feel like you have finally arrived in your happy place?

Maybe, for a minute.

Would it unclog the channel?

Yes, one word at a time.

Would life begin to flow, again?


Would it become too strong to manage?

Not if you manage the faucet.

It’s made of words, too.

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