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The WOW factor inside of you

No matter who you are, what you’ve been through or how alone/confused/disappointed or (insert your own word) you might feel in your life, there is a mood booster inside of you that can change your life.

That’s right. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

It will turn you on. Light you up. Feed your hungry soul. Tickle your brain. Make you feel adventuresome. Bring out the observer in you. Strengthen your backbone. Shut out the insanity. Quiet the noise. Make you smile.

I’m talking about your curiosity.

Everyone has it, but not everyone uses it. Like muscles, it atrophies without use. But also like muscles, it can be pumped up with attention and practice. No trips to the gym required.

Unless you’re curious about the human body (and who isn’t?)

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is the lifeblood of humans who want more out of life.

If you’ve read any of my FB posts, you probably know that I am in love with haiku. But you may not understand why.

Well, here it is. It feeds my curiosity. Actually, it feeds my life.

And when I turn that curiosity into the act of finding 17 syllables to capture what captivates me? There probably aren’t enough words to say what that does to me.

It pleases me, yes. But it’s more like being on a constant scavenger hunt where there will always be a prize.

Maybe you’re too busy or (insert your own word) to care about such frivolity. If so, sorry about that.

Haikus take very little time to write, but they never fail to turn on the WOW factor. That thing inside that we all need as much as food and air to put the apple in our cheeks and the sparkle in our eyes.

If you’re looking for more in your life, if you’ve tried many paths to a feeling of contentment, if you feel distraught about what you see happening in the world, if you if you if you… want a sure-fire way to be in the world in a way that never gets old, get curious. Be curious.

Speaking of never getting old, curiosity actually does feel like getting nine lives instead of one.

If you want help sparking your curiosity, click this link and follow me. I will lead you on a scavenger hunt that does, in fact, offer a prize at the end of every session.

(Spoiler: the prize is YOU.)

ps: I have spent the past 11+ years sharing the haiku fun with my good friend, Deb. We email each other a morning haiku every single day. It has enriched our friendship, and even saved it at one point. Think about what it could do for you and someone in your life to share this kind of journey.

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