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Mental clutter

the noise in our heads

like traffic in india

congested chaos

Do you ever get trapped in head traffic? If you're a 21st century adult, I'm guessing you probably do. It’s hard not to, actually, when life feels like a race to do it all, be it all, cram it all into living at the speed of light.

If we were computers, that might not be a problem. But we’re not. We have bodies, hearts and spirits that get left behind in that madness. And they don't like being ignored.

Thus, the head traffic.

When we ignore our bodies, they tend to get sick. Same with our emotions and spirits. Their voices find their way into our heads, jamming things up as they try to get our attention. But when we tune into what’s really going on with them, we can tame the traffic jams and relieve a ton of stress.

This is why mindfulness has become such a big movement right now. We weren’t taught to use our minds to focus within. To be aware of the self inside that is our greatest source of wisdom and meaning. And without which, we feel empty and anxious.

Our words are how we understand that meaning. What we say - to the world and to ourselves - expresses who we are, how we are, what we are. Words live inside us, almost as part of our anatomy, if only we’d listen.

Writing is how we record what we hear. Any type of expressive outlet can serve the same purpose, but writing is something everyone can do. And those who do, get amazing benefits. Like a calmer mind, more clarity, aha moments; a feeling of wholeness.

Writing a 3-line haiku is a quick and simple way to connect with yourself and get those benefits. It was created centuries ago in Japan, and has become a revered form of poetry ever since. For good reason.

It simplifies the complex. It brings to life one small thing that wants your attention. It tames the head traffic. And it inspires you to stay in tune with YOU.

Life is complex. So are you. Rather than feel overwhelmed by that, write a haiku and say to all that complexity, No thanks - I’m going to relish the little moments where life really happens." And when you find the words to say just what you need to say, the head traffic quiets and becomes a feeling of ordered flow.

I invite you to learn more about how this simple little outlet can take you on a fantastic journey of self-discovery.

*Note: This program won't suddenly fix your life. It will only soothe and enrich it, over and over again.

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