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Beautiful Air

black ink butterfly

quickly flits across the page

its beautiful air

When someone we love dies, all we are left with are their ethereal imprints. From deep feelings of connection to them, to memories we shared, to the scent of their clothes, they live on in intangible ways. Both within us and in the world around us.

Like the butterfly that flaps its wings and causes a hurricane half way around the world, the unseen world has a powerful effect on us. We become more attuned to it after losing someone important. It takes time to adapt to their missing physical presence, but if we stay open, a new kind of connection can develop.

It happens in many ways. We catch their scent drifting by in random moments. We hear their favorite song just as we’re longing to see them one more time. We have dreams about them that we know deep in our souls are not just dreams. We feel inexplicably awestruck by butterflies, dragonflies and birds coming into our line of sight.

There is beautiful air happening within and all around us, all the time. Learning to be aware of it, to welcome it, and to engage with it, brings a kind of soul growth that expands how we see life, death and the world around us. It is healing. It is inspiring. It reminds us that life is a continuum; that our energy doesn’t die when we do. And that we can remain connected to everyone and everything we’ve loved, no matter how airy their remains.

When you sense a loved one flitting across your page, be still. Let them leave a new imprint on your continuing journey through life.

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