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Finding serenity

Sitting quietly in front a fire, gazing longingly at the lights on the tree, smelling the sweetness of baked goodies from the kitchen, listening to music that stirs you. These simple pleasures can get lost when there’s a gaping hole in your heart after the loss of a loved one.

And yet these soothing moments of serenity can bring you a brief escape from your pain and sorrow. They allow you to commune with the spirit of the person you miss. They relieve your heart from the anxiety of loss.

Just for a moment, try to be still and let serenity in.

Grief demands so much of your thoughts and energy. Learning to take breathers from it gives you the stamina to see it through and find healing. It is a journey, and like any journey, you need rest stops along the way.

I wish you peace and serenity this holiday season. Even if it only comes in moments here and there, those moments can sustain you for the road ahead.

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