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your words * your truth * your medicine

The flow of ink from your pen doesn't begin or end on the page.

I have been asked for several years whether I would work one-on-one with people, and I am ready to say YES.

As with my group and online programs, I'll use a technique that includes intuitively guided meditations, writing and art, to lead you into the healing potential of your own words and images. Through this process, you and I will become co-creators of the “medicine" you need to be able to move forward.

I have spent 25 years helping people receive the healing power of their own creative self-expression. It has been a journey of awe for me, because the process works for everyone and the results are incredible.

This is not therapy. It is guided self-expression that is therapeutic and holistically healing. Because it is a unique blend of neuroscience, creativity and spirituality, it is designed to be as gentle as it is powerful. And it can be applied to any challenge you might be facing, including:


Healing the heart, mind, body and spirit after a loss

Hearing from your departed loved ones

Opening your spirit to receive a letter from someone you've lost

Mind-body connection

Empowering your mind when faced with the fear of an illness, condition or treatment

Knowing yourself better: the antidote to anxiety

Finding security and peace through self-understanding

Finding meaning in the face of death

Getting to the heart of your life when faced with a terminal diagnosis

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