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Staying Open

Synchroncities are such an important part of the healing process when we’re grieving the loss of a loved one. When we can no longer see the person we’ve lost, our senses become heightened to another level of awareness and we perceive a whole different dimension of life.

Last night, in the final session of a 4-week workshop in which participants made art to express various aspects of their journey through grief, a synchronous moment came in the form of this sunset. Just prior to the sky lighting up and sending a loving blush through all our spirits, one of the participants had drawn dark clouds to express her resistance to accepting a deeper level of her loss.

As she was talking, someone asked us to look out the window at the sky. It was turning a brilliant gold against what was supposed to be a storming sky. The rain held off while the sunset transformed the energy of the room into one of awe and gratitude. We all got up and went to the window to watch the stunning colors unfold into this; our parting gift.

It is not easy to move through grief, but the participants in my programs allow their complex thoughts and feelings to flow out onto the page through words and images. They open themselves to the guided meditations I provide, leaving them relaxed and in tune with their inner selves. They share their truths with one another, bringing insights and comfort to everyone in the room. And they move forward. They see the progress in themselves and in the others in the group.

So when the final class ends with a spectacular sunset on an otherwise stormy night, they are keenly aware of the message of hope it brings.

I encourage anyone who is grieving to stay open to unexpected moments like this. They are soothing to the soul, and over time, they lead to a new way of being in relationship with our loved ones who have died.

© 2016 Kathy Curtis

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