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I believe in the power of words to heal. Whether we write them ourselves or they’re written by others; whether they come through poetry, a novel, or a memoir; they give voice to the unfolding stories of our shared human experience. They contain seeds of wisdom, new perspectives, loving guidance, a sense of hope.

It is with this belief that I wrote Invisible Ink. I wrote it for myself, to help me find my way through the grief that hit me so deeply when my mom died. I didn’t know what beauty and insights I would find in the writing, but that is what came through for me. And that is why I decided to share my words with others, who might need the healing that they could offer.

Every loss is completely unique, and every loss is equally universal. What I found when I put my own experience into words were many things:

- a sense of empowerment that came from putting this story into my own words

- an expanded sense of the spiritual side of my life

- a new depth of understanding of myself, my mom, and of death

These were no small things in the face of such heartbreak. Getting knocked to your knees by grief is hard to get back up from.

I offer these words to encourage anyone who feels they can’t get back up, to find the words that will help you. Whether they’re your own or someone else’s. Words heal.

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