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I have unlimited compassion for people who can’t move beyond their grief. The stories I hear in my workshops and from every corner of life, of deaths that are too soon, too painful, too tragic, too AWFUL, make it easy to understand their loved ones' inability to move on with life.

I also have a driving passion to reach every one of those people, because peace is possible. It lies within them, waiting to be uncovered from the wreckage of their psyches. And the amazing thing is, it doesn’t take that long to find it. With pen and paper and an open heart, gentle healing lies ahead for anyone who is willing to accept the loving guidance of a program like Invisible Ink.

The ability to move beyond grief is a very personal thing. The circumstances of a loved one’s death, the relationship to them before they died, one’s religious and spiritual beliefs, and many other factors contribute to what someone's peace will be made of. That is why writing is so helpful during this journey that no one wants to take, and that no one can understand like the person going through it.

Grief is a horrible thing to go through. Nobody should ever be judged for how long it takes them, or how well they do or don’t do with it. I just think it’s important to know there is a way forward for anyone who can’t bear the weight of carrying it within them anymore.

© 2014 Kathy Curtis Ink

© 2011 Robert Borel Photography

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