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And now we rise.

As this new year begins, I can't help but think of the ancient Greeks, whose folklore gave us the human power of transformation disguised in a fiery plume of feathers. As the story goes, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Our own predecessors have had an unforgettable year. They carried us through it, but they have grown weary of us and we of them. They’re ready for us to take flight so they can return to the ashes from whence they came.

So let’s be birds of a feather and rise up together in 2021.


You’ve been tested. You’ve been enraged. You’ve had your heart broken many times over. And yet here you are, poised to let the fire in your soul transport you to a new embodiment of you. The real you.

Will you give yourself some time for creative self-reflection, to make sure that where and how you go from here is guided by your highest ideals? To make sure you can stay inspired and focused in the days and months ahead?

We get lost sometimes in the midst of turmoil, but the practice of creative expression always brings us back.

It reminds us how strong we are. And how wise we can be. And how human and flawed and deserving of forgiveness we are.

Whether you write, draw, paint, compose music or sculpt clay - focusing your creativity on life’s challenges helps you channel the higher guidance and wisdom of your spirit through your hands.

Do you realize the power of that?

Miraculous things happen when you create something new from the rubble of life. It’s not your Facebook self or career self or parent/child self that shows up to help. It’s your limitless self that flows through your fingertips.

And if you've learned anything this past year, it's that you need to feel limitless clarity in the face of massively confusing times.


If you need a little inspiration for your journey into the new year, I’ve got a few (totally biased) recommendations for you :) But seriously, I and many others give you our word that these goodies will stir the wind beneath your wings.

If you want to bring more of who you really are into 2021, Ryder Buck is the guy who can show you how it’s done. He’ll charm you with his wit and wisdom, while showing you that perfection has nothing to do with the power of your inner light. His courageous spirit is bigger than the sky and lifting more readers’ spirits all the time.

"Ryder's light and spirit will not be forgotten."

If you lost someone in 2020 (or any year) and need help finding your sense of hope, this little book glistens with it. The 2nd edition is currently in production, which includes the writing program it inspired that has brought peace and healing to so many people. Sign up for my newsletter if you’re interested in receiving the publication announcement. Or order the original version now, for a comforting and inspiring story of never-ending love.

"Grief rarely comes with happy endings but this book definitely gives you hope."

This online program is helping thousands of people put words to their emotions in a simple poetic format. It teaches you the power of active mindfulness, which combines being consciously in-the-moment with the act of creative expression. That's a powerful duo and it is changing how people see and live their lives.

"Kathy, everything you say is balm for the soul. It's like hearing from my highest self.

Thank you for creating this wonderful course."

May 2021 be the year you rise from the ashes and fly, fly, fly!

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