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Give your love an outlet with
invisible ink

If grief is love with nowhere to go...


Learn how thousands of people have found healing for their grief through INVISIBLE INK.

Created to seek solace during her own journey through grief by

Expressive Writing Coach, KATHY CURTIS,

this unique program can help you do the same.

“This process has been a life changer. I didn’t know what to expect but I really got connected to my spirituality. This is a fantastic program."

“I have used Invisible Ink with my clients dealing with grief and it was very successful. I will definitely utilize this resource over and over again.”
Linda Erwin-Gallagher, LMFT, CEAP


“This was a very healing experience. I highly recommend it. I feel writing brings us closer to our loved ones that have passed.”

Writing on Beach

Why writing is so helpful for grief
• It calms your mind and reduces anxiety
• It gives you an outlet for your pain
• It is a place where you can express all the love you still feel

Why writing to your loved one is so healing
• It nurtures your spiritual connection to them
• It gives you a way to relive your memories in loving detail
• It helps you carry them with you in a new and healthy way

Kathy Curtis is an author, artist, and expressive writing coach who has offered healing programs through corporations, hospitals, grief centers, and holistic practices since 1991.

Her work is founded on the belief that when we address emotional challenges through creative outlets, we become more intuitive and gain access to the healing energy and uplifting insights we need.

Her success as a facilitator comes from her understanding of the connection between creativity and healing, and her ability to guide every participant to their own well of healing wisdom.
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