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Words Heal.

Whether poured out in letters, 

expressed in a haiku, 

or chosen to say one important thing,

words heal. 


Word art for patients in a hospital 

“I can’t thank you enough for coming into my room and giving me this experience. 

When will you be back?"


Word-based coloring outlets for busy nurses 

“Look what I did - I am so proud of this!"


Letting the body speak for chronic illness 

“I have awakened to a whole new meaning of health for myself, 

and I couldn’t have gotten there without this."


Word discovery for people stuck in patterns 

“I knew this would be cathartic, and it was. 

This word puts my feelings in a whole new perspective."


Letter-writing for grief

“This healed my heart. I never thought I would find peace."


Haiku-writing as a path to inner truth 

“I have learned more about myself in 4 weeks than in 65 years. 

Thank you for giving me this new way to understand myself and the world.”



Self-expression is often times what people need most.

Sometimes it is all they need.

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