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Kathy Curtis


Therapeutic Writing Coach,

helps clients find relief from grief and other emotions through self-expressive techniques.

Her healing approach blends

creativity, psychology & spirituality

into writing journeys that lead clients 

gently to their truth.

Her writing prompts

 help them discover the goodness

and strength that lies within them.


And once their feelings have been

artfully expressed and gently released,

she watches their spirits lift off.



up among the clouds

a hawk levitates on air

seeing everything

"You were such a great help in this moment of crisis in my life.

Your kind and enlightened responses, your compassion, the confirmation you brought to my perceptions, were very, very healing to me.

And I absolutely loved your prompts. Each time I was struck by your deep, subtle, creative intuition..."


Reach out if you're needing to take your own healing journey.

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