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Rainforest Suspension Bridge

One of the many things Invisible Ink was designed to do is help people create a bridge between themselves and their loved ones who have died. I think it is working, because I hear all the time that this process has given participants a greater sense of connection with the person they have lost.

That is a hard concept for some people to think about. We have been taught forever that ‘reality’ exists only in the things we can see. Those who come into my program with doubts find themselves opening up to it because something happens in the writing. The conversations we engage in through the weekly writing prompts open a sacred space that allows for healthy new ways of seeing life and death.

No matter how you look at it, the act of communicating with those we cannot see is an enlightening experience. If all we’re really doing is communicating with some deep part of ourselves, it is still very healing. But when you’ve heard as many stories as I have from the participants in my programs, it is hard to ignore the sense that the spirits of our loved ones are very much alive.

© 2014 Kathy Curtis Ink

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